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Four Wheel 3D Wheel Alignment

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What is Wheel Alignment?

Do you find that your tyres wear unevenly or feel your wheels are drifting to one side? It sounds like your vehicle requires Wheel Alignment!

We frequently get asked about Wheel alignment (otherwise known as tracking) as this often gets confused with wheel balancing - but they are completely different things altogether!  

Whereas balancing a tyre looks at weight distribution and even tyre rotation, Wheel alignment looks at checking the direction and angle of the wheels to ensure they remain parallel to one another. 

If your wheels are are out of alignment (which can be caused by things such as pot holes or hitting a kerb hard) this not only affects your wheels drifting to one side but also makes your tyres wear unevenly. 

Why should I book in my car with Suttonz for a tracking check? 

We are based in the village of Westham, East Sussex, conveniently located near Eastbourne with easy road links to Pevensey Bay, Polegate and Bexhill. Wheel Alignment can be completed whilst you wait, they take up to 45 mins to complete (if four wheel, 30 mins for two wheel) 

You may wish to relax in our newly refurbished reception waiting area, which includes free WIFI, USB charging points and free refreshments.

If you are unsure if you require tracking we can check your vehicle for this free of charge and advise you. 

How do you check my car's tracking? 

Our garage in Westham, Pevensey is one of very few garages in the Eastbourne area to use the latest tracking technology, which allows us to align your wheels to the vehicle manufacturers specification with high accuracy and precision.

Our 3D alignment tracking computer works with 4 cameras which are attached to all four wheels of the vehicle. A laser tracker is then used to measure the front rear and toe angles. From this we can then advise if an adjustment is required and if so, whether two or a four wheel alignment is needed.

A full print out report of the car wheel adjustments (before and after tracking) is also included in our wheel alignment services for you to keep.

Got any further questions about Wheel Alignment at Suttonz?
For more information on any of our Wheel Alignment Services or other enquiries please call Suttonz in Pevensey on 01323 769233 or complete our contact form.
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