• April 2017 Special Offer

    ENGINE ELECTRONICS’ HEALTH CHECK – £14.95 An Engine electronics’ health check will check an engine’s electronic system for any pending or stored faults that may or may not have illuminated the engine management light. Check your electronics are in good order by taking advantage of this month’s £14.95 offer and book your car in today!

  • March 2017 Special Offer

    March 2017 Special Offer

    Our special offer this month is free wheel balancing with every job over £49.95. Normal price £6.00. Wheel balancing is very important to ensure the smooth running of your car. When there is an imbalance in your tyres, you will notice a vibration in the steering wheel. 

  • Stay safe on the roads this Christmas

    Are you out and about this Christmas? It is important to make sure that your screen wash is topped up and that your wiper blades are not worn so that you can see clearly out of the windscreen. Your lights should be cleaned and the bulbs checked so that you can be confident other road

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