With Summer now here, your air conditioning will help make driving in warm weather much more bearable – so it is important to look after the air con system. After all, your car’s air conditioning does much more than keep the inside of your car nice and cool, the air conditioning system helps to filter out pollen, pollutants and any airborne bacteria.

Here at Suttonz, we can perform a range of air conditioning services from top-ups to full services including: – Air con top up (regas)  £48.95 – Air con leak detection £39.95 – Air con leak stop £58.95 – Air con service – £69.95 – Repairs – POA

Air con regas Is your air conditioning system not blowing cold air? This could indicate that you need an aircon re-gas. Air conditioning systems can lose gas over time, especially when they aren’t used regularly. If your air con system is not re-gased, you will find it will become less efficient, the car more uncomfortable in hot weather and in winter, it will take much longer to defrost the windows.

During an Air con re-gas we will: – Remove the old refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system – Replace with new refrigerant so your air con can run cold again

Air con leak detection To check for a leak in the air conditioning system, we fill the air con with Nitrogen (harmless to the system and environment) to see where the leak may be coming from. If a leak is detected, we can then advise and provide a quotation to repair.

Air con leak stop An air con leak stop will seal any small holes in the air con system where air may be escaping from and hard to locate.

Air con Service If you are finding your car is producing a musty smell from it’s vents, this could be due to a dirt and bacteria build up in your cars air conditioning system. During an air con service, we will not only test for leaks but also clean the vent with our sanitiser which kills bacteria, dust mites and mould. We recommend that you get your air con serviced every two years to ensure that it is in good working order.

What do we do during an Air con service? – Remove old gas – Vacuum test to check for leaks – Refill gas to manufacturers specifications – Eliminate any bad odours and sanitise the vents

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