• Tyre Clearance

    We have the following tyres available to clear at the indicated price. Price shown is only for these clearance tyres while stocks last. 185/65R14           £35 165/70R14           £30 195/65R16C        £50 155/65R14           £28 165/65R13           £30 245/40R18           £50

  • July 2017 Special Offer

    With the hot summer weather now here, it is a good idea to check that your air conditioning system is working properly. Air conditioning systems need to be regularly maintained and should be serviced every two years. We can perform a range of air conditioning services from top-ups to full a service. Why not book

  • April 2017 Special Offer

    ENGINE ELECTRONICS’ HEALTH CHECK – £14.95 An Engine electronics’ health check will check an engine’s electronic system for any pending or stored faults that may or may not have illuminated the engine management light. Check your electronics are in good order by taking advantage of this month’s £14.95 offer and book your car in today!

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